Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New chance

Here I am,
my orange silhouette,
choosing the see-look-at
the map of destinations,
juggling in rotations
with words
and expressions,
just extensions...
and many-many questions...

How to know,
what table to serve
and feel/heal the nerve,
when shaking hands
Are you match or they
trying to pull you
in wrong way?

How to know,
where place the straw
to fall (not fail) softly
and slow in love
with (out) sorrow
with face forward
for show and tell?

How to know
which word will trigger
old pain,
and push hot buttons
of forgotten co-pays
with due today,
if not - sue?
No way.

How sharp's my pencil
to cut the strings,
attached to past ring,
to choose better path -
not the buffet pass
with cashier's wry:
'what is change?'
Or maybe exchange it

Seeds of truth,
planted in ground,
with roots expanding
all year around,
twisted with hope
and promise to bring
new chance
for soul abundance
and freedom sense.

When the first buds,
quenching their thirst,
glance in the sky,
touch fertile earth,
bloom in the light -
then we'll be know
how it feels
  at home...
    in flow...

1 comment:

  1. In a single bloom/ & feast of color/ you tell it all/ that we labor/ to learn/ through geometry, calculus & Fibonacci numbers.