Sunday, July 29, 2012

Shadow and I

Something unusual
catching the sight,
to see - follow
the straight path of light.

Whether the light rays're
passing the edges
of 3D object -
one shouldn't be a sage
to perceive 2D shadow
of me -

peacefully soaking
in the bath with a Lily's
delicate salt scent...
I struck!
my shadow's walking away...
doesn't want to listen
the words of prayer,
dropped the soap
in the water behind,
trying to destruct
my focusing mind...

I spent time
to convince its
to follow my way -
unleashed and soothed
to stay
on the wall...well...for wee...

Should I send its a survey
with the query to reply,
and a request:
keep in balance with me?


  1. Balance should be sought
    For if not
    Head could get buried in the sand
    And things could be bland

  2. Unfocused my gaze/ to read strange calligraphy/ of mingling shadows while sifting sands of time.