Saturday, July 21, 2012


...when something is starting to rot -
it's time to repair the damage...(inspired by Tarot)

not a dream, real vision:
the crow, an intelligent bird,
carry out the bloody
remains of treated body
in front of me, driving the car;

the crow, the forest corpsman on duty,
reminds me: it's time to repair,
rejuvenate and renew,
to separate the mind from the matter
with one clean and precise move
as the path of the surgeon's knife... it would be amazing...
        if only we could
        save and repair
        what spoiled...

        like separating
        a soul from
        the body...

wounded nature will healed
and then
returned to the base...
in 100 years
a guilt will be forgotten...

Correction will clears the way
for fresh, new beginnings.

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