Monday, November 2, 2015

Harmony seeds

I follow your steps,
October pensive,
or was it happened
just short three days back…
I still keep catching
those leaves’ accelerated rag
with squeaky branches,
tired limbs,
and palms so trustingly unfolded
to feel the mutter
of the wind…

Its plum-cheeks pout
while blows under tires
and values,
not knowing calmness
wild ghosts/goblins jump
through thin wall vail
between calamity
and fortune,
and salted hours
saved at the fall
glass jar.

The slanted sky
all wrinkled with a flock-
migrating souls/birds,
so difficult embrace
the harmony of broken
summer walk,
and slept through sparrow
mistakenly  will poke 
first snow rice
dissolved in the minutes…

Whirligig #31 by MMT

Read more at: Sunday's Whirligig #31

Shared with PU Poetry Pantry


  1. Like the season play as it wraps around the day

  2. Love the description! And especially the idea of harmony seeds.

  3. between calamity
    and fortune,
    and salted hours
    saved at the fall
    glass jar.

    Beautiful lines...!!

  4. I especially like the image of the flock of migrating songbirds wrinkiling the sky.

  5. There is a musical harmony in this as well as a wordy one! The flow of seasons..time and thought..all coming together in its own wonderful way and fashion..beautifully translated to us... xo

  6. There is a strong taste of winter in your words... so fine

  7. Replies
    1. Seasons always give us so many ideas... ths.

  8. Loved this. Loved all the rich and beautiful imagery. 'plum-cheeks pout' 'salted hours' 'slanted sky', so awesome, humbird! :)

  9. I got lost in this one, as I think you meant me to be. I tried to figure out who had plum cheeks in the second stanza, and couldn't, I love the wrinkled sky--like the birds messed up the bedspread of a sky. And I love the music of the first stanza. I am in a swirl of weather and things blown and broken and lifted and frozen and then melted again.

    1. What a wonderful comment, Susan! I imagined the wind, having those plum cheeks, but if you see somebody else here - it's even better! Love your excitement around the weather and music here! Thank you!

  10. An awesome piece that crackles with beautifully rendered seasonal wordsmithing.