Saturday, January 17, 2015

The last one

                                      I’m not holding
                                      for past
                                      just wondering
                                      what essence
                                      makes me tickle
                                      now, when presence
                                      of gray days
                                      puddle in the bowl
                                      to suit
                                      the angel holly water
                                      I absorb from sky
                                      there are white/yellow
                                      light color
                                      the winter dress
                                      even warm still less
                                      variable nights and days
                                      song to live for hours
                                      of outline frames and sounds
                                      somebody else’s happiness
                                      my new normal moral
                                      moderate portal of
                                      compassion and overtones 
                                      of spirit’s meandering
                                      trying new skins on
                                      and burning old habits as
                                      being too comfortable at
                                      the path of spiritual



  1. Burn the old and live the new, can't go living someone elses happiness either

    1. there the way of completing the purpose...which is happiness from both sides...~ Thank you for insight ~

  2. far too easy to get comfortable on that spiritaul journey
    and then it is no longer spiritual...
    or a journey

  3. sometimes we find surprises where not expect, so moving out of the comf. zone or trying new things following the heart - the key... ~ Thanks

  4. A lot of catharsis here. It's beautiful. Great job :)

  5. You write with so much emotions, I enjoyed reading that.