Thursday, January 22, 2015

Music in Desert

 "Music in Desert" by Denis Bezmelnitsin, 2011
"Music in Desert" by D. Bezmelnitsin, 2011

The music in a desert
wings your soul
divine Ambrose,
the sounds tone by tone
dropped on the sandy spots
leaving trace, and path
was moisturized oasis of
breath and ‘om’…
Your toes touched by stones
of long time forgotten
relics of wars,
artifacts of hollow bones
awaken the spirit of
dunes, and past’s become
closer and pulled the
strings of heart .

A few could survive
the death imposed
its seal
over the seeds
ground, and the will
showed in heaven
the shift in clouds
of bitter tears…

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  1. Awaken a spirit and your toes may not be the only thing suffering woes haha

  2. i imagine that music in the desert must be even more fascinating than usually because of the quiet and nothing to distract the mind and heart from what is played

  3. Pulling at the strings of one's heart, very much so upon the desert and within music waves!

  4. I specially like the opening lines of the music in a desert & awakening the spirit of dunes ~

  5. the music you describe is quite emotional...and i could feel it through your verse....

  6. Such music -- coming out of the desert has always had a strong attraction on me... There is something definite in that music.. endless yet final

  7. wow that image is striking and your poetry doesn't miss a beat in giving the musician a well deserved encore

  8. in a desert.. that's a nice combination :)

  9. I like to think about music in the desert. I think it would be quite different during the day than at night.

  10. I love "the music in a desert wings your soul"......and the spirit of the dunes. Cool write!

  11. your toes touched by stones of long time forgotten perfectly define the culture of pilgrims or tribesmen that we, most of the times, couldn't understand

  12. There is different music blowing in those desert sands. You have captured its tune. Great pic..

  13. past’s become

    I feel this, shivering in the vastness of the poem's landscape.

  14. To hear music that heals other than the sound of death in places like the desert is indeed incredible.

    - ksm

  15. How hard it is to taste the ambrosia when tears fall down our face..the beauty of the music lost...but not in your words

  16. Music is the language of the soul....this is lovely...and full of so many wonderful lines.

  17. You set your poem in a very unusual setting. I like the idea of music in a desert and wonder what type it would be.

  18. The religious recluse is a great point for inspiration.

  19. And music is the food of love too! Nicely humbird!