Sunday, January 18, 2015

Joy and sorrow

Viktor Vasnetsov. Sirin and Alkonost – Birds of Joy and Sorrow, 1896. WikiArt.

It seems so easy to escape
the distant bay, serene landscape
to forge the strength for mighty knight
to overcome temptation’s gate.

And breathing freely sailing far
to meet the fate, to reach the star
it seems so easy to escape
by plane, on ship, by feet or car.

The cannons shoot, loud voices scare
Sirin, a half-bird woman -nymph
It seems so easy to escape,
Escaped – to roll in mighty wave.

Too sudden stumbled on hatching eggs,
in jaws of storm we’d pass away
while eyes are shut, and ice in heart -
it would be late to wish escape.

Or maybe once we have a chance
to heed the song of  Alkonost,
in blink of eye forget the past…
It seems so easy to escape…

On thick grey cloud crawled up high
we’d carve it with a half-moon knife,
at edge we’ll die like lonesome George
if not indulge thyselves in life.

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  1. Escape is always wished for when it is too late, but then again a little imagination and escape may save the day

  2. into every life a little joy...a little sorrow....that is life...
    like the adventure you framed it in...

  3. Thoughts of escape, even the action, yet still be within the confines of capture, the adventure in this, enjoyed..

  4. I think we all want to escape, in some ways...but I always wonder the root of what we're wanting to escape from. Great write :)

    1. Oh,your last question - the real scarecrow...we need to have them in our brains to wholly understand ourselves...Thanks.