Saturday, August 16, 2014


 Dan Minix Art
Dan Minix Art

we're looking for
to fill us
to the fullest
so you decide
to give yourself
“me time” .

In the morning
when still alive
clear head
awoke early
a shower
some exercises
don’t feel so stiff
you're lying down
on the high pillows
with neck dogbone
on the top 
to read
Charles Bukowski
“The Pleasures of the damned”
the poems of  51-93 yr.

Get amazed how he used
his pen/ a wand
to make something
of nothing
and everything
each speck of dust
(“if you run your finger
along the window ledge
you'll find dirt”)
plays  the role
and defines
the partake in life
(this dirt “maybe even earth”)
this day, the morning,
a weekend,
not end yet…

The world's preparing  
for rain…


  1. bukowski is great - i have that book as well... and i just love his style of writing - the rawness and honesty...

  2. Dust never goes away haha but I do like me time

  3. pleasures of the damned is one of my fav by buk...
    also, we do always seem to be looking for something to fill
    that spot within us...