Sunday, August 10, 2014


'The marriage of heaven and hell' by Keith Haring, 1985

The hand has reached the hand
to save and not to kill,
to sacrifice no limit love
for youngest grain,

to bend, to hand the ring of life
without a sound of complain
about a case, an awkward way
to fill the lane,complete
short path,

as it’s been seen by sacred eye
as a part of bigger plan,
brought him straight
to the deep water…

by Brenda Warren

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  1. Have to go into the deep and take that leap

  2. well it sounds like the reaching hand has the best intentions, at least...its good to bring along the next generation....

  3. That "deep water" at the end feels scary... I hope the hands can swim together, and keep their "youngest grain" afloat.

  4. I saw the painting as a marriage between heaven and hell, echoing life for us too. The choices we have, the decisions we make. Being indifferent doesn't mean a decision hasn't been made. We may be wrong after all!

  5. I am glad the hand is one of saving not destroying...that is truly important isn't it...i love this piece coming up out of deep water inside

  6. But say he swims! Saved perhaps by that one hand!

  7. Tis better to reach and save all...

  8. The next generation bases its experiences upon the 'wisdom' and 'insight' that we hand down to them (at least to some extent). And yet, what/how the young experience is sometimes, quite different than the old. Great work with the prompt(s). Beautifully penned.

  9. as it’s been seen by sacred eye
    as a part of bigger plan,

    . . . Quite lovely the way you expressed this.
    One day maybe . . . but not now I am sure as I try to explain . . . lol
    Hugs ~ Eddie

  10. Just great. Love and Light, S