Friday, August 1, 2014

Lucky incentives

 Wire Moon ~ Dawn
~ Dawn~by Wire Moon

Enroll your muse- hands over a heart-
and splash the Ki into ears and eyes.

Experience a breakthrough,
feel renewed and alive.

Prepare a chair to relax
but as in a farce – be aware-
you’ll find an empty spot
when turn – the time lapse.

Sustained stress prolongs the pain-
congealed body will not serve.

Revive a glistering wire-thought,
add a positive emotion
to heal an energy of planet Earth.

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  1. ha. even aware...and you will find....
    and this planet could def use some healings...through our thoughts...
    sew a thought and you get...

  2. A little tlc can go a long way to heal from bay to bay

  3. "Experience a breakthrough, / feel renewed and alive."...this is so much uplifting...

  4. i think that our planet needs all positive thoughts and energy it can get... just watched a report of a man who managed to plant trees in the desert... what a breakthrough...

  5. Loved the feel of this piece . . . uplifting even in its caution.