Saturday, April 12, 2014

Watermelon eyes

Kid's Art from Margaret at Imaginary garden

I remember those days
when mom would buy
a red ripe watermelon

tested as appropriate
for sonorous sound
clapped incentively
at its zebra butt

we, kids could receive
the couple of crusts
strictly alerted
to eat only red part

the rest – leave for pigs
and use the knives
to avoid the perleches.

I could follow
watermelon sweet juice
the whole day…

Read more at:  Imaginary Garden with real toads: Child's Verse


  1. I never thought of watermelon eyes but I enjoyed the child's delightful voice ~ Sweet as watermelon juice all summer long ~

  2. OK, I can see ALL the kids giggling at the mention of "zebra butt"!! ha ha

  3. cool picture....used to love sitting on the porch eating watermelon
    spitting seeds....butt jokes are a must among kids...ha

  4. haha the butt jokes work every time, never liked eating watermelon though

  5. hey we were alerted the same way....nice lines...

  6. We still eat watermelon all summer long! I love the ritual you describe in the selection of the best melon and the description of its zebra rump. Really excellent.

  7. she definitely looks starry eyed over watermelon... we bought our first of the season this past week

  8. Zebra butt! I'll remember that every time now when I see a watermelon! I looked up perleches in the dictionary....ouch!

  9. Wonderful! Very succulent! K.