Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Before decomposing

“Yes, I use sticks to scratch words”
                                                 E. Rinaldi

Spring pierces the veins, vessels,
I quit walking, pronk up vile pit.
This transfusion takes all
the words I’ve absorbed
before decomposing will glee.

I scratch the fonts of letters
to give the different shades
to my thoughts.
The approach – diverse one,
using a half-known media,
fresh air – few words,
my muse paused,
and the process reverts.

Inhale the wisdom
of blind gaunt syllable,
I step every day in
a hue of the pace,
grasping  the blessing
of all pitfalls,
the facsimile of
poetic face.

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  1. the blessings and the pitfalls add texture to our world and both are opportunities....the scratching the fonts to give shades of your thoughts is an inspired line...

  2. I especially like the closing lines of this poem......."the facsimile of poetic face".....

  3. Yeah, I really like this poem, thank you.

    btw the link you posted on 3ww is broken

    1. Thanks, Danny. Something with cache at Blogger...try to correct..

  4. This is so easy to get wrapped in.. Light and dark within a few words. Truly enjoyed..

  5. A side to everything, one dark one light, can't have one without the other it seems

  6. I am amazed at how positive you could make those three words. You did much better than I did.

  7. "I scratch the fonts of letters
    to give the different shades
    to my thoughts."

    Enjoyed this poem greatly.

  8. Thank you, friends! You inspire me greatly!

  9. I scratch the fonts of letters
    to give the different shades
    to my thoughts

    such cool lines . . . I love the way your mind works.

    1. Thanks, Kathryn! I got he inspiration, you see...

  10. There is poetry all around..and if we can't see it..maybe we can make it! I love the colours and the process of making letters in this piece..stunning