Thursday, April 3, 2014


 Art by Azam Atakhanov
Art by Azam Atakhanov 2005

The Artist painted on canvas
the texture tiles are  bright and dark
so vibrant from the trees to women
ripe for the season/ working in the yard.

The souls of trees become the women’s
amazed by shiny curves of twigs
so weighted down by crimson apples
with human hearts and evil tweak.

The soul of watch-man long been swamped
awakes, amused by twinkling light,
reflected on the robes and kerchiefs
provoking tender senses’ flight.


  1. The words and image so compliment..

  2. Awaken and you just may be found or lost and having fun

  3. You have given a perfect voice to the painting...I especially like this line The souls of trees become the women’s"

  4. i like how the musicians just seem to flow right out of the trees....
    and how you accentuate that...

  5. with human hearts and evil tweak . . . love that line. great pairing of words and image.