Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What matters to your heart?

When you spend
your time
to exchange
for pity celebration
witty wrapping around
the words
with grimace
of right accent,
teasing tongue in cheek,
showed the details
of medical history,
kissing, licking
enviable piece,
the cake with
the dark cherry
to keep in memory...
another got lost
somewhere in the past,
familiar taste -
save your waist
to feel hips gravity,
female royalty
even with devil in a rib
so darling to weep for;
or listen the rhythm
of gently knocking fingers
on the back of bowl
unforgettable ball...
ancient regression,
shamanic drumming
and rain stick,
pouring to sieve
as if nothing else exist
for the soul unfolding
the past lifes,
posted lines
to yourself,
but in different body,
anybody recognizes
and ready to grieve...

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