Friday, January 4, 2013

Gallery of souls

My vision during
the Reiki session
for busy masseur,
rubbing and kneading
the muscles
and joints of vary bodies,
every week working
at the same studies
with multiple clients:
1 week - shoulders,
next week - the necks,
another week - lower back...
I see: all doors in row wide open,
with a light inviting inside,
along the gallery
gracefully walking
looking alike Aphrodites,
balancing ancient amphorae...
Conveyor of souls are crying
to adjust, to center, to heal...
How to separate them
from bodies
to overcome
the pressure, and deal
with an internal rigidity
of stereotyped roles;
from tunnel vision,
paralyzed by hope,
in depression mode...
I ask myself:
what do I want
to learn in 2013?
When ice floes melts,
dispersing in
the warmth of spring,
what kind of river will
emerge from my soul,
joined the spiritual
stirring of All,
intended to thaw
cold hearts
and uplift,
allow your soul soars

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