Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Eyes wide shut

Allowing the passage,
a view through
an empty space
with pair
of true
globular organs
in the head,
connected with
24 bones
a vertebrae
disturbed by
neck arteries
supplied a red liquid
to the brain,

I've perceived the alert
from another world
with 'HNY' name,
as if it's an award
and honor to hang
at the Hall of Fame.

With this humpty-dumpty
I've built on my roof,
I've  tumbled to a ground,
and made royal goof -
so not at the wall
and disarmed...

And now my vessels're
fighting stagnation,
while straightened
in a horizontal direction,
with the chakra centers
of yours,
feeding and nurturing
us both...

we're healing, tie-dyeing,
divine intervention
for Peace on Earth

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