Thursday, September 6, 2012

Auto-writing 2. Self horizon

A horizon of self...
waffle cruise
of curiosity...
check if stable clouds
to proceed...

clever chaos,
urge to express
from the order,
but loneliness survives
abundance of ego

as if Loch Ness monster
of 6th century sighted
by Irish monk,
preaching nearby,
exits from the lake,
thorny tornado of fear swirls...,
and hides in the basement,
in darkness of unknown.

What land,
grounded in future
maybe find couture
in alien culture,
sporadic phenomena segment,
in monster skin,
looking for
roller coaster...

Oh, Lord, who embodied
in Earth body
the low of gravity...
in what sql query precoded:
what next to you - sell
to have the meal,
get overweight,
walk on treadmill,
losing pounds...
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