Sunday, April 8, 2012


"Be patient with your fellow travelers"
~ Robin Austin, the astrologer

...imagine, one day
my tolerance
for the world and people
The pieces are flying around
like million debris
of broken mirror,
dropped from the icy hands of
lady Snow Queen.

These pieces're reflecting
what's changing inside of me,
multiple faces,
many encounters,
different fates,
the 'teachers',
those people,
who pushed
my 'hot buttons'
to trying to draw
my attention
to issues
that must have been
solved in the current
life cycle.

The mirror pieces
penetrate into
hearts and eyes
of curious fans,
they're open to learn,
attuned to ice builders,
their own names
letter by letter
out of crystals...

But scary enough
this image is faded!
I look in my mirror -
dare to escape it!

What do you see
in YOUR mirror?

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