Sunday, April 29, 2012

New feeling

The sky is falling down
the world turned over
can't just have enough
of you

walking in the clouds
new style shoes
platforms with
jumping springs

sun's burning under feet
instead above
new feeling
train hoots...
from beneath

this sudden caprice
no longer be refused
forgotten ever
rapid pulse...


  1. They tried the anklet/ associate it with jingling sound/ and thus give another name to constant confinement/ now to have new style shoes/ star studded/ associate it with sparkle/ and give another name/ to lost swift & free trail feet!!!

  2. I so so love this and have come back to read again * yur imagery your words step in the sun shining for me .. beez ;)

  3. thanks, Jyoti! You always discover new angle in my poems, new meaning I am not always see by myself! Wow!

  4. Thanks, beezknez!
    Your kind words like rainbow rain on my head...