Thursday, April 19, 2012

From worry to peace


Pink and blue
through eyes' soften view
the ivory blinds.
I hear the crows
so anxious this spring.

Their voices burst
into my throat
cause to feel
the worry of birds...

I'm coughing,
pouring the water,
trying to clean up
my throat
to turn the worry
in calming peace...


Not easy to switch,
you have to wait
for right time to come,
and have the discipline,
and devotion... accomplish the goal
you can work,
and wish for reward,
but first, for success
you need to nourish,
support others
with patience
and warm heart,

because life is
like a boomerang:
what you give
you get back
ten times more
so, become the bridge
to help transform
fear into attraction
to connect desires
with paradise island!

Enjoy on the path
each step you take.
Channel anxiety
in 'wow' experience,
sparkled with joy.

Juggle the pop up
emotions bubbles
to retreat, celebrate
with passion and glow!

Persistence, integrity
and compassion
leads to slow,
but constant progress.

In the end,
you accomplish
something great,
united with goal
of your journey -
the Peace!

1 comment:

  1. Life's credo smoothly expressed. Wonderful words.