Friday, April 6, 2012

Reiki, the dog, intuition and colors

Memorable moment -
stop! stand still!
The door opens -
the dog approaches -
golden retriever,
the therapeutic dog,
smart, mellow,
sniffs my hands,
wags the tail,
sits down,
allows to hold
my hands
over head...
for 1 minute
then lies down,
closes eyes,

Its owner steps forward
for her session.
I'm asking to pick
the color from the box
with markers
of 12 colors.
She slowly pulls
a light blue;
an intent: to release
the stress, the tension.
Some questions and answers
between my motions,
and visualizing the "blue".
The energy - clear
except the throat,
the tough feeling,
sensation of vacuum...
"deep breathing", - I ask her,
and ...hear soon:
"feels better and
blocks're dissolved."

energy centers,
for throat chakra
the color - light blue:
about expression,
the voice presentation,
self love, self esteem...

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