Friday, November 28, 2014



Deriving the virtue from irony
we [live]
type of visual art work by sticking cloth
when morning haze covers up
dreaming figures
silhouetting at ocean horizon

the magic eye puzzle
in graffiti days overlaid  nights

ancient harmony
pentatonic crop
I smile/jive
long-short, long-short
Thanks, pen reverence

Arriving with waves this year’s Love.
Turquoise Lagoon. Castanets of heart.
Summer playground.

Inner life
fantasy dreamland
aligned with Adagio
Tea green and regal
aqua light passage
to India

mellow toes in the know of seasons
poking into Pandora box
as forgotten canyon,
echoing untitled reflection
stars exploded second time
in century…

Sojourn at breathing spaces
to ponder a peace.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


photo by Mona Bouzarout ~ In memory of a man ~ flickr

You looked in the mirror
learning what is beyond
facial features…

Like the hand on the weight
scale, the head bouncing
leaned to the left or right.

You smile, then surprisingly
raise the brows,
learning how to think
a thought, perhaps.

Pulled corners of lips
and breathed fast,
exhaling on face
the mirror showed you…

Steamy, reflection
will puzzle us,
finger so many chances
to find real face…

Monday, November 24, 2014

Cloudy moments

'Snowstorm' by Maurice de Vlaminck

They stand weak-kneed, altered,
the grey-blue dim fright,
tears-icicles stuck
in the tops.

Still flutter, the life pirouetting,
spills stained laughter on
forgotten stumps/logs.

Aligned to walls,
guard lifeless silence,
neglected desires’
inner child.

Considered miserable,
the final decision
postponed, passed on to
snow storming 

Sunday Whirl 188

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Above as Below

 Artwork by Cheryl Hrudka
Artwork by Cheryl Hrudka

Hmmm…whi-i-s-sper…snap, snap!
Flying above the bodies
a fear, hiding in creases of eyelids.

I balloon to the ceiling
aware of your poking nose,
chewing habits and ready
to kick feet.

The root rod keeps
here and now.

Your words rolling
multiple faces
mouths opened and closed
beard broad way down
hatching as reaching
the cracked concrete

The miracle of 59 become 00
having too divine shape
the minute absorbs eternity…

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Abstract concrete motif

'Rapture with music' by Gholam Yunessi

At first
notorious motif
serving better
our toxic and fiery

turning tables,
ambiguous chairs,
letting stage be
our home,

we’re forging the reason,
emulated precarious
piano pauses,
the weight
over lurking pensive
floor lamps,
highlighted the
blooming Bonsai,
blurry painting
aligned with nodding
Hawaiian turtles. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Lingering jump

Highway ~ courtesy of Tess Kincaid

Settled in the restless
midst of night
I road two-sides ways.

The street lamps lights
highlight the margin line,
where soul mix & self-fix
toasty subtle skin
like ambrose within.

Yields the palate
of shadow hunt
I’m testing a lingering jump
quantum way
to embrace the winter hut.

A prisoner of four walls
I'm a ghost of
layered thoughts.

A fresh start shimmering
tends to spill.
Behind the veil
of closed eyes
the hint.

by Brenda Warren ~ Sunday Whirl

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Preoccupied PC

Art by Dale Frank, Australia

Oh, she hadn't turned off me the best,
So many viruses collected
And put them in the treasure chest.

Ah, what a wonder of selected mess,
So many images emerged,
When pressed ‘to show the request’.

So careless, to plug in back forgot,
Enjoyed the ‘couch potato’ movie -
That put me in the sleeping mode.

My job could be a joy, not a jolt,
If extra folders would be sorted,
Compressed on a disk under the code. 

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"Write a poem about an inanimate object getting ready to perform its function." ~ Walter J Wojtanik

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Legend

Pulling strings/many hearts,
his heart opens to give,
to sink into music
Jacuzzi, release the
burden of life, to heal
the wounds, where it hurts.

At first, voice not strong,
not his voice, the guitar
solo touching the air,
testing the walls and
material values,
volumes of love returns.

Soul aligned in his wealth
with purpose, he amazes,
brings charisma, connects
all in one, quotes to put
hands together and
follow him in one breath.

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Friday, November 14, 2014


Choker by I. Golembo

                      "Find a break in the meshes of the net
                        that tightens around us,leap out, flee!
                                                                        E. Montale

Souls sealed in
a snow membrane,
accepted will
stretching the brain,
loosened loops
torn apart
unclaimed patterns
chaotic art.

Worlds are entangled into
electromagnetic waves.
Layers of Thoughts –
vibrant  emotions recharged…

I used to tied the tight head knot,
Now – no strings attached.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Shadow sonnet

Alice in Wonderland, Chapter 2, Illustration by John Tenniel

Swimmers of the life; we all are swimmers
Short or long – we give it distant shot
Yearning for the best we better learning
Quote the wisdom we get rated by Klout.

Brave, we ford malignant spots in rave
Catalyst the waters served as catalysts
Surreal mission makes our lives surreal
List the issues, be aware at least.

Swimmers of the life, we dance a shimmy
Ebbs are tracing odds, colliding abs
Crucial in order to save the crew shell
Not to lose yourself in final note.

And giving spark to spoofed end
Hand’s reaching for another hand.

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Thread through

Phillip Allen Art,  Dublin

‘AIM HIGH’ ~  psychic tip of the day

The rose in my chest
uncurled the petals
in harmony I drink
the dawn.

The fervor of first birds
so cheerful my world
the little fists knock
in the bow.

The wind whisper ‘whish-sh-sh’
the gossip of owls
crossroads crossing
at night.

Suicidal clouds
recall hidden thorns
that pocking a void
in the sky.

It’s later the crocus
will shine out of mud
emitting gladness
and love.

Holistic and white
the healing begins
the letters sent 
from above...

Sunday Whirl

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014


 Fred Cuming
Art by Fred Cuming

Inspirational sparks
Cultivating lovingly deeds
Soul insights;
Delighting, highlighting
the minds.

Gossamer flames
Activate desires’ vibes
Omnipresent tongues;
to transform.

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A Hadron Poem


Breaking walls.
Going beyond disturbances
Untether bonds.
Intending defending –
not enlightened.


Creative thoughts
Imagination at work
Original ideas
Audible, improbable
Expanding -
New plots.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Insight remix

Unfamiliar directory.Digging under surface.
Not to find absolute truth.
But sort things out.
Frame free.
Molecule alike.

Expect them to fill the picture
you’ve visualized.
The possibilities.
Be open.

Like the grains of sand
guided by wizard wind’s wand
followed the intention
scattered and gathered again

Get rid of density.
Shed the skin, get out of shell.
Build etheric pyramid instead,
the top – in the heaven.

Stamp right left
left right
create the fundament
reconnect with Earth.

Does your light shine brighter today?

Sunday, November 2, 2014

On duty

image credit:  Dick Blick Art

They change/slash the cold world of grey
with roots still alive,
awaiting for spark, array of colors,
when sun, chasing rain,
opening eyes
to see the beauty and rise
high for joy.

The goal they cherish
when jaded
still standing up
on the way home –
to nourish, design
all world satisfied,
burns with desire
to bloom.

by Brenda Warren

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