Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Insight remix


Unfamiliar directory.Digging under surface.
Not to find absolute truth.
But sort things out.
Frame free.
Molecule alike.

Expect them to fill the picture
you’ve visualized.
The possibilities.
Be open.

Like the grains of sand
guided by wizard wind’s wand
followed the intention
scattered and gathered again

Get rid of density.
Shed the skin, get out of shell.
Build etheric pyramid instead,
the top – in the heaven.

Stamp right left
left right
create the fundament
reconnect with Earth.

Does your light shine brighter today?


  1. the shedding skin line makes me think of Narnia and Eustice....
    sometimes we have to dig deep to sort things out, surely

  2. I too like the shedding of skin reference . . . yes my light shines brighter today. :)

  3. Have to shed and dig to find what is beyond

  4. Get rid of density....that was the message for me today... need to breathe a bit deeper...

  5. A good message. The need to change. Enjoyed