Sunday, November 16, 2014

Preoccupied PC

Art by Dale Frank, Australia

Oh, she hadn't turned off me the best,
So many viruses collected
And put them in the treasure chest.

Ah, what a wonder of selected mess,
So many images emerged,
When pressed ‘to show the request’.

So careless, to plug in back forgot,
Enjoyed the ‘couch potato’ movie -
That put me in the sleeping mode.

My job could be a joy, not a jolt,
If extra folders would be sorted,
Compressed on a disk under the code. 

Read more at: Creative Bloomings: Getting to work. 
"Write a poem about an inanimate object getting ready to perform its function." ~ Walter J Wojtanik


  1. viruses can collect, good scanner kicks them to the curb haha

  2. This makes me look at my laptop in a whole new light! :)

  3. Yes, my work is for me a joy! Pretty!