Friday, March 28, 2014


“Surrendering to unknown
becomes another complete cycle.”
E. Rinaldi

I've left the loop of dead end routine
just to land to another unknown path
seemed to be temporary
for while,
but within it demanded a recoil
and self-sacrifice

the rewards were etheric
I felt at the higher level
where no words, visions, fights –
just Love
in well-tempered clavier style
with O-mm mantra & mudra poses
supported inner peace,
the mission and purpose.

'A teacher may appear in disguise',-
the Hermit card advised…


  1. Round and round we go, nothing wrong with being a hermit though

  2. when the student is ready the teacher will appear
    though they may be nothing like the student
    assumes they may be....smiles

  3. The Universe brings us gifts everyday. Thank you for reminding me that they often arrive in unexpected packages. A sunbeam :-)

  4. hmm..interesting post..teacher or guides come in many forms
    and disguises as they help in the journey of life.

  5. ha - many of the teachers in our life appear in disguise me things.. and at unexpected times as well