Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Informal thing

I enlist to honoring Spring on March 20th
on the Vernal Equinox,
while the fresh snow arrived,  4’’
 delivered to Minnesota,
this white revelation,
the color of my solitude…

 I got up before time to shovel
(no snow phobia)
to honor the winter of my dreams,
the right to enjoy
the warm part of year
with traffic, with only one road
(another – closed, dead end)
to get somewhere
the repair season gradually started
while snow delays.

 I celebrate the authentic birth of snow
in the cool air of North.

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  1. Uggg to the snow, you can celebrate I just want it to go

  2. There is a joy in making the first footprints in the morning is beautiful in a way..especially with the sun up above

  3. Authentic birth often involves delay and long labor. I enjoy how you cherish snow while still looking forward to seasonal warmth and repair. Snowing on the Equinox! This has been one amazing winter.

  4. I'm sick of the snow I just want spring.

  5. 4 " of snow in Minnesota again? They definitely have had more than their share of whiteness this year!

  6. "this white revelation the color of my solitude" - beautiful!

  7. Celebrate the beauty of the season, whatever it brings. Well done.

  8. I am not a winter person and this winter took me off my feet. I love however the "color of solitude"
    We got 8"
    celebrate spring

  9. whew...i do enjoy the snow...but i am honestly ready for it to go this year...
    each season brings with it the joys...that first snow is def reason to will be that first kiss of spring sun...

  10. I celebrate the authentic birth of snow in the cool air of the north, that line puts new life into the meaning of snow, and more snow, taking up so much space in winter this year.

  11. I'm sick of winter, but I like your poem.

  12. Winter and snows are things we imagine and do miss in our part of the world! Nicely humbird!


  13. You can still handle it? Personally, I've had my fill of Winter for the time being.

  14. Well, you made a beautiful poem out of it!

  15. Beautiful snow poem...I remember snow but to be honest I prefer to follow the sun and surf!

  16. Enjoy while it lasts.. a beautiful poem...

  17. I really though spring was about to start but then it turned cold again. I had been going out for daily walks just to soak in the warmth and sun now I am all bundled up and cantankerous again haha

  18. Winter? Let's hope it doesn't get down to freezing when ours arrives in June in Australia.