Sunday, January 19, 2014

In the Rain

'Musician in the Rain' by Robert Doisneau 

World drowned in the fog.
No lights. No colors. Grey.
Though…spirits mingle,
the masters of non-STOP-
able creation,
they capture changes
in the air
with single

Wet canvas come to live
on cue,
the distant train
picks up the p- a- c- e…
What city’s beckoning
in view?
What cast’s partaking
divine test?

The cloaks keep hearts
from humid stream,
the music trembles
on the edge,
disclosed by swelling
buds of dream, -
to all who trust
their own sage.

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  1. A tender presence of wisdom, trusting my own sage! I enjoyed your unique rhythm through mind and soul.

  2. Music trembling on the edge...very nice!

  3. Life dwelling even in the dreariest of places,..this reminds me of the opening scene in "Team America" .....thanks for explaining it to me, Miss Hum

  4. Drops all coming together with a trust that is there should we allow it to be

  5. I could hear that volatile trembling music...

  6. "The music trembles on the edge"… I like that!


  7. there is adventure that awaits you know in each each city...and music to be found for sure...smiles....

  8. I know this grey grey fog ~ But I trust the buds of dream ~ Happy Tuesday ~

  9. wet canvas and music in the rain... sounds good to me...despite the fog..smiles

  10. Beautiful, I really like the crescendo of the last stanza.

  11. Sometimes it does seem like the world is drowned in fog. I have experienced those days. But then it IS nice when the warm canvass comes to life. Love the 'buds of dream' in the last stanza as well. All dreams, I think, start as buds....and then they flower into reality. Thanks for your thoughtful comment on my "Mirrors" poem this morning! Smiles.

  12. I like how you bring grey to it feels irrepressible..which is always good!

  13. very lyrical & image-rich... especially that last verse.

  14. Those beautiful buds of dream ... without them, there would not be beautiful poems like yours to read. Wonderful!