Saturday, January 25, 2014

Chasing the shadows

Juggling old bones
to embrace the past of
countries and states,
different aspects of monad,
the missing strands –
unblock the sacred voice
from sustained doubts…

Oh, keepers of time,
I’d love to reveal
my past shyly plans,
the burden I carried
tip-toe between snakes
up to ladders
of levels and clans…

While chased the shadows
today’s disappeared,
got sucked in the
blueprint of time zone,
the sun is lapsing –
retired prompter,
completed his work,-

                                                                                                                 Brenda Warren

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  1. The past and present - both are so important. Still there are things in the past we hesitate to bring up in the present - still they are part of present

  2. embracing the past is important to understand the present think and help us make our way into the future

  3. in this push for 'being in the now' i think the past gets a bad is a volume of everything we have learned and informs our present...

  4. Great image of how today

    "got sucked in the
    blueprint of time zone"

  5. If only one could tell the 'keepers of time' all of one's secret plans, it would be nice to know what they would think about these plans!

  6. Have to know where you have been to keep on trucking ahead in the right direction, or at least a new one.

  7. I think the past helps pave the way for the future..embrace it for it will hep in the journey to new places.

  8. The sun lapsing... Lovely and a great finish to this piece - I enjoy the knowing depth in your work - With Best Wishes Scott

  9. Love, love your second stanza. The whole is lovely.


  10. Plans often get stuck in the time zones, some we regret others make us laugh at our foolishness. For all that the juggling of old bones becomes more difficult, I can vouch for that. There is so much to absorb in you captivating writing.

  11. To be unclear of the past is to be unsure of the present. Unraveling can be quite a bother if one is not equipped or prepared in the initial stages. Nicely humbird!


  12. I like the reference to snakes, ladders, levels and clans. To me this gives your poem a mystical, religious feel.

  13. I too like the snakes and ladders is definitely like that! Nicely penned and as interesting as always

  14. Thank you for thoughtful comments! Enjoyed!

  15. I like thinking of the Sun as retired prompter of the day.
    At least my portion, for once set here, the Sun continually rises elsewhere.

    Thanks for your visit to my verse. ~Jules

  16. Listening while reading gave the poem another time dimension as the musicians played with metre. Brilliant addition!

  17. This poem has a mystical feel to it. Love the snakes and ladders!