Tuesday, April 30, 2013


“…we all close the curtain eventually”
E.Rinaldi, a poet

Close curtain –
just beginning of Life,
that lies behind –
changing clothes, roles
and masks,
décor, sets,
new tasks
on weightless
shoulders of

No duality here,
you live
what you dream
with Yes and No
no line of time
to compare,
determine –
you soar, fly
as hero.

‘Life well spent
is long’-
Da Vinci discovered
death as reward –
you never know,
where and how
it’s handy to use
the secret sward,
created by one
mind’s extent

Taking charge,
changing rules
of the spin
(what a challenging
maybe best way
to win,
then next time,
when the curtain
arises -
one might either
be seen
as Nero or Paganini.
Image credit: liveonlineyoga.com


  1. ballad in absolution

    the jazz birds
    play on wired sound...
    in echo rhythm blues
    as the wind
    scrapes brushes
    across the sky
    they say
    yes, we will listen
    yes, we will come to know
    yes, tomorrow may always
    be waiting to grow
    into every today
    in every way
    so we may say
    yes, we hear music
    when we understand
    life is but the song
    we sing to know why
    we are here, there
    and everywhere
    a single note
    a glass of wine...

    great piece... : ^ )

  2. Interesting thoughts enjoyed it lots. Through endeavors created by each, we determine our own reach.

  3. With single note,
    piercing the world
    we entered teary
    to end with a chord -
    ostinato mode -
    of eternal query...

    My bows to you, Edward and Pat xx

  4. very cool piece...and some very intriguing elements...i like hte use of the secret word...adds a bit of mystery...death as the reward...sometimes...smiles. really cool and quick rhythm to this...

  5. Thank you Brian!
    Each of us has our special sward...