Thursday, April 11, 2013

April song

The weather
changes dresses -
today -white
solitude day,
recurring season -
is there a reason?

Snow in April -
would you appeal?
winter - winter -
bah! deja vu!
a lapse 
in the matrix?...
the nature
made shift...

a little spring bird's
looking for something... -
lost tricky script:
which song to sing?


  1. I appeal, for snow is an awful deal, can't make up its mind indeed.

  2. you turned april in to something interesting :P

  3. Another day - another storm,
    just look for colors at the store...

    Thanks Pat and Jyoti for stopping by!
    Glad, Jyoti, our April is interesting for you! Happy Spring both!
    Thanks for joining my blog, Jyoti!