Monday, May 21, 2012

We come from a childhood

A sudden wind peeped through,
walked in circles,
drew an invisible line
between us,
played the fool,

the question was asked
eight times in a row
about fixing shutters...

...the parade continued,
pulled from behind
the simulated curtain -
slides flashed
with smallest details
with such confidence
in their right to exist
today as yesterday,
past waved with little flags
and balloons of various shapes
to remind what fun we had...

...the store 'Golden Key',
where dad and I get our
colorful sea marbles
with raisin,
rolled in the mouth while
watching the cartoon
in wee movie theater
'Malyutka' ('Baby')...

...the friendly dwarves,
occupying all positions,
surrounded flowerbed,
where was and my
observation point...

...hiding under the desk
from piano lessons,
writing frustration words
on the wood,
missed outside play -
practicing scales -
loving music much later...

...experimenting with paper:
tearing for smaller pieces,
throwing from fifth floor
and breathless in delight
while seeing them
fluttering in the sun
hanging in an air
in slow motion flight...

my childhood smiles at me offended,
why should I let go the past,
why I can't just to tie
these fragments of creativity
from past to present,
and make them
the beginning of new ideas
in future?
friendly dwarves're nodding
in agreement

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