Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Love force

...particles of love if divided by someone's will
would be reflect the body parts or the soul?

 What creative mind imagines
what illusion would be born
in the shadow of mystical garden
woven in ancient vines
with butterflies-elves
visiting the flowers
for ambrosia juices
to fulfill the thirst
to keep memories
of welcoming doors
and places
invisible dissolved in air
hurrying up
along the veins
with admirable commitment
carrying precious pearls
deepened in heavenly waterfall,
swirling into cells with
victorious smile
climbing up to hill,
resonating with stream of desires
and hopes,
reaching the goddess - a heart,
warming up and down,
and finally turning in
sparkling firework
inside of the top of creation,
the head!
Relaxing, renewing,
transforming into new cycle, -
Love force!

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