Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lel's song

Animated film "Snow Maiden" based on the play by Alexander Ostrovsky to the music of Rimsky-Korsakov, processed by L.Shvarts. 
The Snow Maiden - the daughter of Father Frost and Beauty Spring . Her icy heart has never was in charge of simple human pleasures, never knew love before she met Lel. His love and warmth gave the girl  the wealth of the world, melted the heart of cold beauty.
Below is my translation of The third song of Lel from the opera "Snow Maiden"

Cloud with thunder were conspiring:
'You rattle, thunder, and I'll pour the rain,
sparkle the ground with spring rain,
that's how flowers will rejoice,
the girls come out to pick berries,
followed their fellows, boyfriends'
Lehl, my Lehl, my Lely, Lely, Lely, Lel.

In a grove young ladies all scattered apart,
who - in the bushes, and who're for firs.
They took berries, halloo to one another,
one girl suddenly is disappeared...
All girls're crying: 'Has the girl been 
eaten by a wolf?'
Lehl, my Lehl, my Lely, Lely, Lely, Lel.

On their way girls met the stranger,
strange old stranger, very strange old man:
'Girls, are you stupid, are you crazy at all?
What kind of profits're your halloo to 
one another?
What a joy to her to respond?
You would fumbled in the bushes...'
Lehl, my Lehl, my Lely, Lely, Lely, Lel.

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