Monday, June 6, 2016

Prosaic life

Writing Prompt #161 Collage #24 ~ Mindlovemisery's Menagerie

Alas, our life sometimes prosaic,
when we are not aware
of the wings behind…

…love bags, tears puddles
mirroring the only faith
as transportation,
the world around -
a lonely bird case;
sometimes a leap
to neighbor’s windowsill
where dry perfume in
shiny bottle
replaced  with undermined
bug! - such fate,
the scented path,
entrusted leaves entangled
in the hair, and open view
to powerful, but wore off
a hot air balloon,
the kind of parody on moon
I plan to catch in silky
Zodiac moon cycle
crystal grid
to carry me upward
                      to see the ground…

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  1. A flow that can carry away as life has its say

  2. I keep thinking that one of these days I would also like to get a ride in a hot air balloon. I have been told you need to dress warm though, as the air gets thin up there it also gets very cold!

    Cheers, Jules