Sunday, February 14, 2016

Pleasant messages

The day smiles
with no sun glasses
I’d not noticed you
the hands converting shoulders
tired of temperance
at surface snow/rain
inches/degrees of temptation
debris of winter businesses

under the cool sun
stopped seeing it as disaster
eye to eye signature
we say:
this or better, we’re grateful
wet or dried
when a silica sand
in withered asphalt
the pavement isn't  slippery

our numb/wild joints stiff
jumping jacks & jello help
release the blocked flow
feel our aggregates & wheels?
some pain relief, at least
we alive,
breath satisfyingly

trembling voice mixed with
delta music for insomnia
slight accent
don’t disturb
frozen ears & eyes
looking wide open to distant wall
with new window-screen
kids game
screech-screaming after the school
what a music for soul after 24/7
heater’s  ommm….

we deaf …loudly
call each other
on barbarian languages
send messages different
from urban smelled porches
for leaf on the tree
not by misfortune
growing here,
now flowed away…
that another life
waiting for friends
going on…

pleasant messages
the winds channel
at Sunday’s brunch
for local crows
such release…

I’m here too,

Sunday's Whirligig #46 by MMT

Read more at: Sunday's Whirligig 

Shared with PU Poetry Pantry


  1. Can hear much in life, should we stop and listen and let things twirl about.

  2. So many sights and sounds.....your poem was quite a journey!

  3. The final two sentence really wrap up the poem as it is the summation of all that was observed.

  4. I, too, really like the closing lines. Always nice to see you in the pantry, humbird. And your photos are a DELIGHT!!!!!

  5. I think no matter we go, it's the coming home that's best... :-)

  6. love the word pairings. you made it look so easy. thanks for the lovely poem.

  7. I like the ending too ~ Do you live in Quebec Canada?


    1. No, it was my trip in 2011. Ths.

    2. Thanks for letting me know ~ I live in Canada so I thought you lived there ~

  8. There is a weariness, and feeling of long endurance through life's minutia.

  9. Pictures kept flashing in my mind... I need to stand up and take a walk... with a smile.

  10. Delightful pictures painted in your words.

  11. Very interesting images on the video. Your use of words are perfect, and especially your winter business (I will be so happy when it's closed shop too) even if it's been easy so far!