Tuesday, January 19, 2016


A sigh… a flash…
a sign of shift
true corners move
and bloody
torn wounds healed…

life humpback burst
out – the wings
first time so widely open
I sore to high
under the dome
continue staring…

at spirits
self chained
experience the earthy rain
the shower of forgiving sins

descending through the portal
the light – declutter
past days due

Read more at: Photo Challenge #96


  1. Flying free and letting go can lift one up

  2. Thanks for sharing your response to the MLMM Photo Challenge.

    It is interesting and intriguing - fascinating how there is a metaphorical level and plane you have chosen to discover and consider in your piece - wounds, pain - healing - freedom - all very multi-layered and begging for several readings.

    Cheers ~ Pat

  3. An interesting vision you've painted here Humbird ...