Tuesday, May 5, 2015


– Menoevil - devianart ~ Photochallenge #59

Abruptly, as if slung by someone’s invisible hand, far afield,
a flock of black crows sliced the silence, highlighting
free space, having driven the shadows to the sides…

Weightless, she was ready to break away into height,
caw in same tongue, excitedly pecking to west…

Since that moment, an impalpable bitterness - the black 
crow has settled on her shoulder, recalling the olden 
emotions and yearning...

and she herself existed between the shadows:
dark - where declogging took place, bright - open to
diaphanous purified souls for further embodiment…


  1. What a wonderful sound of your words here. I find dark words speak so much more to me..

  2. One of your the best work and my favourite!Loved the tones of dark and grey.

  3. Your words embody the image beautifully and tragically

    Yves aka Mindlovemisery aka the girl with the sentient Google Account

  4. Existing between can be a rather dull existence, need to let that light shine on through

  5. This is an amazing write! Wonderful selection of words!

  6. Captures and gives meaning to the image, lost otherwise.. Wonderful writing…

  7. existing between the shadows - that gave me shivers a bit - you captured the dark of the image...

  8. Crows and 'old crones' as some women are known - seem to go well together.
    Enchanted write.
    Thank you for your visit :)