Saturday, May 30, 2015

Passing time

'The passing of the time' by Priscilla Santana ~

His grown thin transparent skin
exposed to keen observer,          
the witness of life still running
through veins, arthritic bones.

Embraced by vascular dystonia,
shriveled, while at core –
Rodin’s thinker and trickster,
requires returning the throne... 

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  1. I see and feel as if his life is abandoning him and he can do nothing

  2. Quite sad to think of them there, still having the symbolence of life, but what kind of life to be just there trapped in your thoughts seemingly.

  3. Wanting to live life but unable to move, ugg sad fate

  4. Sort of puts me in the mind of those romances where the gent is really much older and the wife is just waiting to inherit the goods.

    I never thought of 'The Thinker' as a trickster... but with all that time on his hands...
    Thanks for stopping by my piece on the prompt. :)

  5. A very interesting piece indeed .. wonderfully complex. Bastet

  6. "the witness of life still running through veins"---what very creative and unique wording--such a stunning description, really.