Saturday, April 18, 2015

dove ti portano flori

Inspired by the Floriana's Art

1.                Burst!

Thou brought hex yellow holographic pomace,
eyes lit wise centered moons absorbing
pixelated expression, climbed uphill blue
muscle strangely stubborn over inevitable
meeting the mask/smile greeter, a serpentine
of dusty road tickling the numb nervous

2.                As if it possible to shut up…

They gathered to pull/cut/grow vibrations,
the expression of prick-dream-aroma
mango/blue struck/dump down
stems like limbs, armless buds and leaves
bottomless balloon/baloney views
water smeared, watched from above
umbrella-headed crowded cloaks.


  1. very interesting images... the bottomless balloon being my fav.. need to check out her art...

  2. Quite the amount of chaos ensued