Tuesday, February 14, 2012

To the dog

based on poem by Russian poet Sergey Yesenin (1895 -1925)

Give Jim your paw for greatest luck,
Such gentle paw I've never seen.
Let bark with you in the moonlight
On a quiet, noiseless weather scene.
Give Jim your paw for greatest luck.

And, please, my darling, do not lick.
Just understand in simple way.
You do not know: life is quick,
But it is worth to ride the sway.

Your master - sweet, befriend with fame,
There lots of guests in house occur,
And smiling, each one wants the same:
To give you pat on a velvet fur.

You're a dog devilishly handsome,
Big eyes with mystical abyss.
Why bother of waiting for the answer:
Like late drunk friend, you climb to kiss.

My dear Jim, among your guests
So much of those, who whisper gup,
But one, the silent and ..the best,
By accident, hasn't showed up?

She'll come, I bet you, very soon,
And gently staring in her eyes,
You lick her hand for my fortune,
For all wrong words turned in good byes.

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