Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Being famous - unattractive

based on the poem, 1956 yr., by Russian poet Boris Pasternak, (1890-1960),
the author of "Doctor Zhivago"

Being famous - unattractive,
It's not raises up:
Trembling over precious writing,
Urge to start backup...

The purpose of art - self-giving,
No hype, no success.
Being "famous" while not "diva"
Will not bring a bless.

Better life - with no fake dances.
Live, and after all
You'll attract yourself abundance,
Hear the future's call.

All we need - to leave the spaces -
Not between the words -
But in fate...those chapters, places,
Crossed in margin notes.

Getting plunge into unknown,
Hide your own steps,
Like the land for spring time longing
Keeps seeds in the depth.

Other literary scholars
Will be held your way -
You don't need to be a ruler:
Criticize or praise.

Tune your heart for Love and promptly
Follow the truth,
Be alive, alive and only
To the end of Earth.


  1. Astute and apt. Pasternak is one of my favorite author too and even now I re-read Dr. Zhivago; one of his finest work.

  2. Thanks, Jyoti for the comment.
    Just think how many challenges had this talented man in his life...