Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Off the hinges

Albert Finch ~ MLMM

I thought of product
which I am
at dense earth,
grounded & survive
under your tears, sky…

Once I got seeded,
grew, the sprouts
found direction
of their own path
and twigs crooked:
some exclamatory,
but most -  inquiring 3D
space, getting this
‘aha’ moments
at times, penetrated
by stars, overwhelmed
by depth of senses
& experience the
denial deja vu of druids...

                         Our spiritual origin,
the process I’m
embarking on now, -
not fitting in a wooden
stencil of wardrobe,
and my transparency
requires neither
the fashionable
modern suite nor

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  1. Different ways at looking at things can sure open up a new world

  2. sometimes we need to to disrobe to truly see...

  3. An internal conversation, almost, what to expose.. Enjoyed

  4. I love this because it speaks to the ever-evolving nature of our lives...

  5. The disavowal of the stuff in our lives, as having any place (or at least, having no importance or significance) in the process of discovering our spiritual origin, is one of the first steps towards personal insight and ultimately, I supposed: transcendence. A thought provoking, nuanced piece.

  6. requires neither
    the fashionable
    modern suite nor

    Interestingly it can be just simple ones to keep them in place and happy about it!


  7. Wonderful opening lines, this is as insightful as it is delightful!