Sunday, September 13, 2015


Before the visit to a haunted house

They’re not Casper like; if you see a transparent face – 
follow the body contour to find the feet, mostly not touching 
the ground…
And fear not as they grow taller to empress you more…

Prisoners of self believe they stuck in the loop – you might hear repeatedly the last cue before death…

An advice to move to the light they reject in hope that god won’t find them, and who is in charge anyway, - they feel safe here…
Ghosts don’t like the change…

Take the camera with flash
to meet lost souls in disguise
feeding frenzy


  1. I wonder how long lost souls will roam, until they find their way towards the light..

  2. Enjoyed.. The way of ghosts and creativity are so closely connected.

  3. Well at least they know what they have, so I suppose hiding might be a safe bet for them.

  4. The lost ghosts in limbo ~ I hope they find their out of the loop ~

  5. I think this is truly what ghosts are.. a room without a key maybe

  6. Whew. Hoping I never fall prey of living to self,
    for it is an all too tight a trap
    for many.