Friday, July 4, 2014


Time rolls. We grow new skin.
Insignificant layer at first.
It’s fragile, then gradually- rough.

I still remember the motive
of changing the role
while acting, behave
from the new customized
view and values.

New face, new style
dictates newer path,
but mouth keeps
on repeating
old phrases, words,
old tasks. -

Divulged.  - Imbalance
between a form and content.
An agreement’s broken inside…
Is it a godless desire
to ask the heart:
“Show my avatar…” ?

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  1. Is it? There are so many blueprints for each role we take on that it's hard not to ask. Being human is not about perfection, but how many people ever get down to the core of who we are? I try to be more and more authentic but I can't be vulnerable 100% of the time. Bring on the avatar.

    1. (Yet we resolve to be so, again and again--sure this fits ...)

    2. Thank you, Susan for idea and all inspiring poems and the song at Google+ ~ Cheers :)xx

  2. all can relate to this one indeed, always some facet hidden away from the light of day

    1. Sure, we explore so many will show ~ Thanks

  3. it is interesting how often we try to break those habits and yet find ourselves right back in them...returning to our nature...unless we truly replace it with something else....

  4. yeah, something else - always there, when we open for new things every day...~ Have a happy 4th of July! xx

  5. As the saying goes "old habits die hard". I guess, very often we find it hard to break away from what we know in favor of the unknown.

  6. This gave me a lot to think about today!

  7. Sometimes its hard to let go of old phrases and tasks though we want to grow a new skin ~ It takes time to find that balance, surely ~

  8. I like your beginning, about growing new layers of skin....and I very much like your question at the poem's end!!

  9. Yes, I can clearly relate to this, humbird. Undoutedly, this 'change' keeps our compass pointed to this new avatars! Wonderful...

  10. it's very hard as we try to change those stubborn traits and patterns sneak in but we keep working at it and change makes us better people. Love your poem.