Sunday, June 9, 2013


I open my mouth
to tell you the truth,
have not spoken since
when we run through
the water and fire,–
ocean fossils
miserly message
from Paleozoic era -
we’re absorbing
as marine sponges,
guzzle emotions,
warp motions
and fear
into new shapes,
transparent layers.

We’re looking
in depth-
Neptune shakes
the ocean surface…
What magical secrets
after Plato’s  death?
Atlantis legend,
where spiritual people,
half god and half human,
in a highly advanced
utopia lived
on lush  islands.

Surrounded by
precious metals,
they become
had lost their way,-
gods sent
with fire,
that caused
Atlantis to sink
into sea.

The border line thin:
where truth? allegory?-
we can be drawn
to cling
to the drifting remnants,
or allow
the cosmic stream
to genuinely move us
toward better places
to leave
precious imprints…

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  1. Quite the bit of ancient play with your display, like the use of Atlantis going down. We can hold on or move with the town

  2. The story of Atlantis, we can never separate truth from myth I guess in certain circumstances :-)

  3. i hear you...the story of atlantis...those surrounded by gold forgot what was important and look what happened to them...perhaps we should consider....

  4. I like that last verse best ~ Better to learn and move on ~ And that is a lovely picture ~

    Happy Sunday ~