Saturday, March 31, 2012

Making sense...

When having
recurrent scenario
over and over again
in front of my eyes
from day to day
unconsciously start
to think - is there purpose?

Should I memorize
this time, this place,
and stay in present,
learn to describe
each grain of sand,
each bird voice
in sunny morning
by windows?..

I focus, it seems
I'll start to get soon
what birds're telling me
with multiple voices:
"who are you...
who you serve...
what did you do for today?"

And suddenly
voices're dissolved
as birds had recess
and now gone studying
advance vocal lessons
somewhere inside of
the trees,

and just one
thoughtful bird
still trying explain me,
eterne language student,
what I'm doing here, and
what I've to study today...

I'm trying,
       and trying,
                    and trying to
make sense of bird's cheerful tweets...


  1. Lovely, delicate and as vulnerable as the last delicate Bird!! Enjoyed the read & re-reads. Mat you remain engrossed!!
    In one of our epics "Mahabharta" there is very interesting tale about an important character Sahadev who used to understand birds!! A king related to Sahadev died & Sahadev attended his last rites. There, at crematorium, he heard two crows converse, that the dead king's heart is special. One who retrieves & eats it will gain knowledge of all tenses: bygone, now & future.
    Sahadev somehow manages to get hold of dead king's heart and tried to escape when mythical Lord Krishna got hold of him. In hurry Sahadev quickly smelled the heart and proclaimed "Smelling something is as good as eating it". Thus he acquired power to know bygone, now & future.
    Lord Krishna was greatly perturbed as such power can ruin. So he forced promise from Sahdev that he shall not tell of his knowledge unless he is specifically asked for. This became a boon as well a great curse that Sahadev had to live with.
    Understanding birds can be rewarding and painful at same time!!!
    Hope this lengthy comment did not bore you.

  2. Wow, Jyoti,how is interesting!
    thanks for your comment! I really love to listen to birds talking...seems almost understand...:) Deep understanding of things.. can be challenging, you're right!