Sunday, January 22, 2012

Grandpa Frost and The Crow

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When comes in winter grandpa Frost -
he plays the game of "frozen toes" !
Please, insulate the body, soul
or cease to feel them soon at all.

No one in state resists the Frost
bird tried to resent, and ...lost,
its broken voice from frozen twig
has sounded like strangled squeak.

Frost push the trees - they rock with crunch,
and dropping snow dust at the patch,
where trembling squirrels passing by,
imagined snowball storm up high.

The drivers on the roads yield,
with effort holding steering wheel
to keep upright it straight they strive,
when slippery - who wants to drive!

And suddenly - sarcastic laugh:
the crow's broke in winter life.
Uplifted, blessed my whole day
with frosty windy winter stay!

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