Friday, March 7, 2014


photo by me

Why I write

The fingers wander feverishly for extensions
stretching to decima – not enough,
the pensive soul accepts no refreshment,
played on the background so long half/half.

To run thru the keyboard-to discover
the thorns and the roses,
the joy, revelation while writhing in pain,
to dare to touch the stone of Moses,
don’t let soul sail get dissolved in a vain.

What threatens my writing life…

I nervous and gripping the pen
so then I’m not screaming
and shake in despair,
life steps on the heels
required pay bills
and this is what threaten
my writing passion…

Why I will continue to write against all odds…

I am into chasing the word
the English word sounds so cool to my ears
remember the time listening a song
but not understanding the lyrics…

We travel prolonged path
developing, nourish the spirit
so who will judge/blame us
when we learn to trust
our feelings and walk off a pier…

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  1. life does threaten our writing at times...or it informs it...all in how we embrace i got bills to i hear you....great last is a risk...if we are really writing it....smiles.

  2. learning to trust our feelings is a big step in writing life... and i remember as well when i was a kid and heard english songs, i didn't understand a word - how cool was it after the first english lessons to understand the one or other word...who would've thought that i would write poetry in english one day...smiles... crazy world

  3. I'm in awe of those of you who learn English and then transmit your feelings, fears, emotions of joy and love, of adventure and discovery in this language - this ever evolving, changing language where overnight a word like office goes from being a noun to a verb - "oh we office at the 1st National Bank building" crazy is that? And yet you do it and do it beautifully. I know a little French - enough to book a hotel room, and maybe order a meal - but I still don't understand but a few French songs and I wouldn't know where to begin to write a poem. So I applaud you - and your love for this sponge-like language. You did a wonderful job with this and I want you to keep writing as you can in any language that takes your fancy! Well done.

    1. Thanks so much for so kind and inspiring words! Great prompt!

  4. I like very much the idea of chasing the word; and I too think it is wonderful that you write poems in English. And yes, so important to trust your feelings, I think. If we don't trust our own feelings, who will?

  5. Ah.. to chase that word.. of even those combinations that together is something altogether new... I love what you write.. and I know exactly that feeling.. writing in a second language..

  6. I can't imagine writing in a second language, I'm amazed by your poems. Cool write.

  7. Great Manifesto.
    Chasing words, interpreting the images is part of this. Like the photo too.

  8. Wow, this Manifesto prompt really has turned into something greater than one person's writing! Gratitude to all of you, my readers,poets and friends, inspiring and supporting, engaging and counting in my work! :)xx

  9. polyglot, erudite polyglot - nicely said!

  10. Life can get in the way, but it sure does provide us with much to write about at our bay

  11. I can identify with those stress of life, requiring us to pay the bills ~ Chase those words, they are wonderful to walk with ~

  12. ah yes. Trust our feelings and walk off a pier...and hopefully then we can walk on water!

  13. I think you did an excellent job with the prompt..walking off those piers can be exhilarating..

  14. I can only imagine the exhilaration of writing in different it must deepen your feeling and understanding of the words and walk off the piers, yes!