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Hunger to Hope
'if you've seen
my starving children,
feed them.'
Israelites, traveling in a desert,
were provided with
miracle meal -
...almost the same 'miracle' happened
to severely malnourished
and starving kids of Honduras,
received first box with formula...
Colleagues from companies
Cargill teamed up with
Pillsbury and General Mills,
fulfilled life roles,
developed nutritious
'fortified Rice Soy Casserole'
for malnourished children
age of 5
the formula's name
was changed
to 'MannaPack Rice'
...have you ever hold
the exhausted child of 13 pounds
weight? -
35 p. after 6 months
of eating the meal.
Volunteering, donating -
can we eliminate starvation
in children in the world?
 Instill compassion in people
to hear and respond
to cries of those in need?
'A single bag of food - which provides highly nutritious meals for six children -
costs around $1.32 to produce, and 92% of all donation to FMSC (Feed My Starving Children, the organization, founded in 1987 by MN businessman Richard Proudfit ) goes directly toward the food program.'


  1. This is fantastic, kiddo! A wonderful program.

  2. My tender heart overflowed with the cherub feelings of the words spelled by this article...!